Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strawberry Flavored Disappointment

So we were at Walmart in the checkout line when I saw these cute little packages with cows on them and the phrase, "got milk?" I asked Dom what they were and the checkout girl over heard us and replied excitedly, "Oh, those are straws that flavor your milk!"

What? Hold, please. I will drink anything out of a straw. You could combine battery acid and purple Kool-Aid (which I hate) into a cocktail with bugs frozen inside of ice cubes, and if you put a crazy straw in it chances are high that I would drink it. Straws just make everything taste better, particularly drinks that you wouldn't normally drink through a straw, like milk. Add to this already magical straw ability to make everything taste better the power of flavoring and you have a very excited Lana.

Unfortunately, some things really are too good to be true and this is one of them. The packaging is cute and each one contains about 4 or 5 straws.

The straws themselves are clear with little sugary balls inside of them. As far as I know, there are only chocolate and strawberry flavoring. I LOVE strawberry milk, so I chose that flavor. The straws are pinched in at each end so the little balls can't escape. You just place them into the milk and drink normally.

For about 1.3 seconds, I was in strawberry heaven. Then there was only disappointment and sadness. Drinking through these straws goes like this: *sip* WOW! My mouth is experiencing an explosion of strawberry glory... oh... no... wait, now it's just milk. How depressing.

This was one of those products I so dearly wanted to love, but alas, it doesn't work very well at all. The beads evaporate after just a few sips, too. The worst part is, it kind of sucks as a normal straw. Oh, well. At $1.99 it's no great loss, but I definitely wouldn't say it was worth it.


  1. Okay, I have tons of these because I have about 82 nieces and nephews who come visit me. There are a bajillion flavors, some of them good, some of them bad. The straws with the pinched ends suck, but the newer flavors have slatted ends (totally going to have to tweet you a pic) like Chocolate Peanut Butter (which is my fave!). But, unfortunately, they all evaporate if you're going to drink an 8oz glass of milk. Four ounces is a pretty good size to finish a whole straw.

  2. Really?? That's so awesome to hear!! I'll have to try those, and yes, I'd love to see a pic! Thanks! : D Very good news, because it's such an awesome product idea! Peanut Butter is almost always my favorite flavor in anything, I'll definitely have to try that.